Mobility network:
additional income in the dealer network

Choice enables automobile manufacturers and companies with branch networks to display innovative mobility offers in the retail network

Customers who trust us

The mobility network of Choice prepares your company and the connected retail network for the mobility of tomorrow and turns you into sustainable, successful mobility providers.

Customers for a mobility network are automobile manufacturers, banks, vehicle importers, insurance companies, car dealerships, service companies in the workshop as well as all companies with a branch network (e.g. bicycle dealers, etc.). These and other services are included:

These and other services are included:

  • Evaluation of economic potential
  • Business plan
  • Consulting
  • Booking platform
  • Rental software

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Mietwagenprodukt Jaguar Land Rover RENT

Choice AG has been a customer and business partner of Jaguar Land Rover in Germany for many years. In the course of the cooperation we have, a.o.,  jointly designed the rental car product Jaguar & Land Rover RENT and successfully implemented it in retail. The professional expertise and commitment at Choice is an essential key to this success.
Christoph Engler, Jaguar Land Rover Germany

Megatrend mobility


Follow the megatrend of mobility and not only get more profit along your value chain, but also positive customer loyalty through this attractive additional service, as well as brand loyalty in your retail network.

Why choose a
Choice mobility network?

  • Choice is the only provider with this understanding of service for a mobility offer (short-term rental, car sharing, car subscription, etc.)
  • All components from a single source
  • Strong focus on profitability of the retail network / branch operation
  • More income along the value chain in the retail network
  • Better profit opportunities through professionalization of existing resources in the trading network
  • A mobility measure that makes a strong contribution to brand loyalty (customer loyalty)
  • Win-win-win situation for providers, retail networks and end customers

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