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With our mobility expertise and your experience
in the target market, we will design the right business model

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For everyone who wants to establish an innovative mobility concept but doesn't know what needs to be considered in such a business model - a project with Choice provides the necessary answers.

Using our expertise in mobility and your experience in the target market, we will design the right business model, formulate the requirements for this business model together with you and transfer it into a project.

Reasons for a project with Choice:

  • Well-founded know-how in the field of new mobility
  • Diverse software solutions for realizing a wide variety of mobility projects
  • Professional handling of projects
  • State-of-the-art project management tools
  • Individual composition of experienced, interdisciplinary teams
  • Valuable network inside and outside the Choice Group
  • Qualified support during operation

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A selection of our projects

CARE BY VOLVO Car Subscription

BeeZero - World's First Fuel Cell Carsharing

Jaguar Land Rover Test Drive Event

Mazda Mobil Carsharing

Volvo Schwedenflotte Test Drive Event Sylt


Project flow

From planning to implementation - we will support you


Project planning

  • Creation of a comprehensive budget plan
  • Realistic budget plan taking into account all resources and deadlines
  • Coordination of external service providers
  • Compilation of a team of experts with clear responsibilities



  • Implementation of project-relevant components
  • Control of all project participants
  • Care & support for all stakeholders involved
  • Monitoring & adjustment of schedules
  • Continuous financial controlling
  • Reporting on the course of the project


Live operation

The end of the project is carefully prepared in order to make the start as easy and intuitive as possible for you or the service provider entrusted with support during operation.

For us, a project does not end when it is completed.

Our additional services

For us, a project does not end when it is completed

Professionelle Projekte_alt
  • Professional product management
  • Support for your customers or partners
  • Maintenance & operation of software solutions
  • Professional sales
  • Training formats and documents
  • Marketing support

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